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Possible Outcomes of Relative IndexTM

How does it work?

The Relative IndexTM summarizes individual parameters indicating a patient’s fluid status in one clear value — helping clinicians centralize in-the-moment decision making for better clinical outcomes.

The CM-1500 will monitor both fluid intake and output and is designed to track to changes in the patient’s status over time.

The CM-1500 continuously monitors a patient’s physiological parameters including:

Bioelectrical Impedance

Heart Rate

Electrocardiogram (ECG) Amplitude

Photoplethysmography (PPG) Amplitude

Skin Temperature

Designed with both the patient and clinician in mind

  • Simple wrist-cuff wearable elevates patient comfort
  • Portable and rechargeable touch-screen monitor
  • Streamlines movement from pre- to post-operative settings
  • Real-time data accelerates clinical decision making

Simply connect the wrist cuff and electrode patch and press start

See how the CM-1500 can track small changes in fluid volume