Optimize Clinical and Economic Outcomes

  • Improve critical fluid response throughout the pre-, peri-, and post-operative care settings
  • Effective non-invasive fluid monitoring products
  • Diagnostic tools and continuous patient monitoring

Fluid Monitoring System

The Zynex Fluid Monitoring System (CM-1500) is an innovative, non-invasive monitoring device, designed to monitor relative fluid volume changes.

The CM-1500 can be used throughout the care continuum to detect and notify clinicians about adverse fluid management in patients.

Device Overview

Fluid Management

In a clinical setting, it is critical to be able to monitor circulating blood volume in a patient. Standard vital signs show little signs of change during early stages of volume loss and fail to identify those patients that will respond well to interventions from those that are poor responders.

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Clinical Outcomes

Intraoperative and postoperative hemorrhage incidence can vary depending on the type of surgery and can lead to severe clinical complications ranging from mild anemia to fatal hemorrhagic shock.

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